Planets Starports Spaceship
Game: Slot-F (Bob the Builder)


General Info
Start Day05/11/51 Game Age210 Days
Last Extern Day12/07/51 Internal AliensTrue
Internal FerrengiTrue Closed GameFalse
Password GameTrue Show StardockTrue
Turn Base30000 Turns Time OnlineUnlimited
Inactive Time300 Sec Last Bust Clear Day12/07/51

High Score ModeOn demand High Score TypeValues
Rankings ModeOn demand Rankings TypeValues + Titles
Entry Log BlackoutNone Game Log BlackoutNone
Port Report DelayNo Delay

Input Bandwidth1 Mps Broadband Output Bandwidth1 Mps Broadband
Latency150 ms

Ship DelayThird (1/3 s/t) Planet DelayNone
Other Attacks DelayNone EProbe DelayNone
Crime DelayConstant (2 s) Photon Launch DelayNone
Photon Wave DelayNone Genesis Launch DelayNone
IC Powerup DelayNone PIG Powerup DelayNone
Planet Landing/Takeoff DelayNone Port Dock/Depart DelayNone
Ship Transporter DelayNone Planet Transporter DelayNone
Take/Drop Fighters DelayNone Drop/Take Mines DelayNone

Sectors30000 Users200
Aliens0 Ships800
Ports12000 Planets6000
Ferrengi Home Base338 StarDock Sector1027
Second Port Zero Location2038 Third Port Zero Location11355
Max Course Length44

Tournament ModeFalseDays To Enter0 Days
Lockout ModePods + Deaths Max Times Blown UpN/A

Local Game Time12/07/51 09:01:37 AM Active Players1
Percent Players Good100 Active Aliens50
Percent Aliens Good8 Active Ports11405
Port Value25644075 Active Planets36
Percent Planet Citadels27 Active Ships2
Active Corps0 Active Figs311018
Active Mines532